Custom Window Treatments in Largo, FL

Personalized touches for your Largo home.

Switching up your Largo window treatments isn’t just about getting a new design—although that is a major benefit. It’s also about solar protection, personal comfort, and privacy for your family. 

At Sapphire Shades and Shutters, we bring our expert guidance to the table, as well as products from top window treatment manufacturers. You browse our swatches and play with them to see which look best with your furniture, walls, and view; then, we pull them together to create any type of custom window treatments for you. From the texture to the hardware, everything is tailored to your vision.


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Custom Window Treatments

You want your home to be unique to you, reflecting your likes and design goals. This can easily be a reality with our custom Largo window treatments. We will guide you in selecting the optimal combination for your space.

We provide custom window treatments for:


Your window shades can be the star of your window design or just a supporting element. Our Largo custom window shades come in a variety of designs, ensuring you get exactly what you need for your home.

Here’s the types of Shades we carry:


Sapphire Shades and Shutters brings high-quality custom blinds to Largo, FL. Through our catalog, you gain access to an endless combination of styles, textures, and colors, ensuring your home is one of a kind. From simple mini blinds to natural wood, we have what you need to realize your design goals.

Here’s the types of Blinds we carry:


When you want to make a statement with your windows, it’s hard to beat shutters. We offer Largo interior shutters and exterior shutters, that can be placed inside or outside your home, depending on your design goals. 

Here’s the types of custom window shutters we carry:

Drapery & Curtains

With the right drapery, you can just frame your Largo windows or add light blocking and soundproofing functionality. Our customized solutions enhance your overall interior design.

Here’s the types of Drapery & Curtains we carry:

Exterior Retractable Screens

For anyone who lives in Largo, outdoor living is essential. Our customized exterior shades and drapes transform ordinary backyards into relaxing retreats. 

Here’s the types of Exterior Retractable Screens we carry:

Window Treatment Automation

Whether it is one element in a smart home or just a convenient option, Largo window treatment automation gives you greater control over your home. 

Here’s the types of Window Treatment Automation we can do:

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