In most cases, yes, as long as they are motorized.  Automated window treatments control your home’s lighting and privacy at the push of a button, sound of a voice, or touch of a smartphone or tablet. Smart window treatments eliminate tedious tasks such as raising and lowering each shade individually. 

This statement may have answered your question already, but yes, you can automate your window treatments.

Interested in knowing more about your window treatment, automatization, and how it works? You would want to keep reading!

How Does Window Treatments Work 

Automated window treatments have motors that can connect to a smart hub, this one being connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. This connection allows your system to communicate with your powered window treatments. 

The hub connection allows you to operate your window treatments with your smart devices. Window coverings offer privacy and light control that will make us save money on electricity bills.

Shades and blinds also help us manage daylight to protect our floors, art, and furniture from the damaging UV solar rays.

5 Benefits Of Automating Your Window Treatments 

Here are five reasons to add home automation to your custom window treatments

  1. Convenient & Practical  

Easily control your window treatments up or down or even somewhere in the middle.  Preprogramming an app can raise and lower shades at the times that best suit you.  It certainly beats raising and lowering every shade in the house individually.  

  1. Form and Function

The beauty of the right window treatment is it can be both practical and beautiful.  Control light, enhance privacy, lower energy consumption, reduce glare all while enhancing the beauty of your home or business.  

  1. Increases Your Home Value 

Window treatments will tell potential buyers a lot of the current owners; if you have a proper system working nicely that is also automated, they will likely consider that for the purchase. 

  1. Reduces Your Energy Bills 

Blocking intense sunlight and heat during summer will help you reduce AC power consumption.

  1. Adds Privacy 

Automatized window treatments enhance the privacy of your home; it’s not that they cover your home’s inside, and that’s it; you won’t need to be in the same room to close your windows. An efficient feature many of us will benefit from!

For example, drapes are considered one of the most customizable window treatment options that can be automated even if it’s not that common. Sacrificing looks for convenience? Forget about that!

Scale Your Home Systems

Home automation is the new normal; if you are looking for the perfect automated window treatments for your home, Sapphire Shades and Shutters has you covered. We provide the best customizable services for window treatments, including simple motorization of a few shades or automation for an entire home or workspace.  

Sapphire Shades and Shutters provide top-notch services for our clients! Improve your home’s efficiency and convenience with home automation.  Sit back and relax while we work with you to design the right window treatments and automation to meet your goals and budget.

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