When it comes to choosing between window treatment styles, it mostly depends on personal taste and needs. Many homeowners tend to mistake blinds for shades and vice versa; knowing the difference between them will help you make a clever decision when it comes to purchasing some. 

Below you will find how to differentiate between blinds, shades, and shutters; keep reading!

Spot The Differences  


Blinds usually fall into the “hard” category of window treatments. Blinds typically have louvers that rotate back and forth to keep light and privacy controlled; the slats hang vertically or horizontally, allowing you to lift them up and down or side to side. Blinds are normally the most economical window treatment option.

They are all about controlling light, airflow, and privacy. They work well when paired with other window treatments like drapes or fixed drapery panels.

These are some of the most common types of blinds: 


Shades are considered a soft window treatment that gives you freedom regarding design, textures, color, and pattern. Since they are made of fabrics, the sea of options is infinite.

Shades are raised and lowered to control light and privacy, making them very versatile and attractive for adding beauty to your windows. 

Types of Shades: 

Here are three of the most used types of shades: 


All custom made for your windows including specialty shapes. 

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