Most people install window treatments to control light, privacy, and airflow. Certain window treatments add not only curb appeal to your home overall but increase the resellable value of your property.


Plantation shutters are one of them. Get to know its origin, benefits, and how you can integrate it into your home in this blog post.


What Plantation Shutters Are

Plantation Shutters originated in the American South, but its roots can be traced to Mediterranean countries like France or Greece. They became really popular for their properties to keep a constant airflow coming in while keeping sunlight and heat out. They’re aesthetically pleasing while being highly functional.


Nowadays, plantation shutters are crafted in many materials like wood, polymer/faux wood, composite, or vinyl to match your home decor and insulation needs.


Benefits & Advantages


Improved Light Control

No shades or blinds can compete against the insulation offered by plantation shutters. With these fantastic window treatments, you can regulate or completely shut off the light coming into your house.


Classic and Timeless Design

Long before the South American weather shaped plantation shutter design, shutter windows date back to Mediterranean civilizations. Most of the classic and timeless aesthetics share roots in these parts of the world.


Zero Effort Upkeep

When compared to curtains, plantation shutters require minimal maintenance. Curtains require taking them down, setting washing cycles, dryer, Etc. You can keep your plantation shutters clean using a damp cloth once a week.


Increase Your Home’s Value

Every accessory installed in your home increases its value and curb appeal. Especially when we talk about adding an efficient noise and heat insulator to your home windows. 


When you consider the quality materials, top-notch installation, and superior interior decor, you might be adding thousands of dollars to your property price in one investment.


Noise Reduction 

Shutters provide light and noise insulation like any other window treatment does. Rest all you need without being interrupted by your neighbor’s renovation project on a Sunday morning, or enjoy the enhanced privacy you get with plantation shutters.


Long-Lasting Investment

You can expect zero inconveniences from this excellent window treatment, which translates to nearly zero upkeep expenses when properly installed. You can summarize the low upkeep effort, the enhanced privacy, curb appeal, and even reduced climatization costs! That’s what we call a high-return investment

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