Home Automation in St. Petersburg, FL

Making your custom window treatments more convenient.

We’ve all been there—comfy in bed, lights out, and then we realize the drapes aren’t closed all the way. You’re left with two options: ignore the light and stay in your comfortable position, or get up to close them and hope you can get cozy again.

Except there is a third option: home automation.

With home automation, you can open and close your shades, drapes, and other window treatments with the push of a button or an Alexa command. Sapphire Shades and Shutters offers smart home window treatment systems to the St. Petersburg area, adding comfort and modernity to your home.


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How Motorized Window Treatments Benefit You

Added Convenience

While getting up to close the shades or curtains isn’t the end of the world, it is far more convenient to do it with a remote or voice command. This is especially true when watching movies, sleeping, or working from home.

Lower Energy Consumption

When your motorized window treatments are connected to a smart home hub, you can set routines that close them when the day is at its hottest, keeping your cooling costs down.

If This, Then That

If your home has a lot of smart devices, you can create protocols that trigger when your window treatments should open and close. From responding to your thermostat to opening with your alarm every morning, ITTT opens up a world of possibilities.

Child and Pet Safety

Cords are one of the greatest safety risks in the average home. With motorized window treatments, you can go cordless and eliminate the risk altogether.

Vacation Settings

If your motorized window treatments are part of a smart home system, you can create vacation settings that mimic the way you move your shades and drapes even when you are away, convincing anyone watching your home that you are still there.

Home Automation

For smart home custom window treatments in St. Petersburg, turn to Sapphire Shades and Shutters. To schedule your in-home consultation, contact us at 727-289-1629.