Retractable Screens For Your St. Petersburg Beach Home

If you love entertaining in the fresh air of your beach house patio, you are not alone! But sometimes those bright rays can be a little too much—causing fading furniture and making it difficult for guests to look around without sunglasses. 

You don’t have to move indoors just because of harsh sunlight; with a few simple solutions, you can enjoy outdoor fun no matter how intense the sun is!

At Sapphire Shades and Shutters, we prioritize our customer’s needs above all else. We are committed to helping you find the perfect solution to your St. Petersburg beach home dilemma by personally guiding you through our consultation process. And we proudly say that our retractable screens are the ideal solution! 

Excellent Benefits Of Retractable Screens

Increase Usability 

You can make the most of your outdoor space with a retractable screen. Invite friends to watch the game or throw an outdoor lunch party—whatever floats your boat!


Retractable screens offer protection against UV rays while providing ultimate freedom and flexibility for enjoying every moment outdoors.


Protect Your Furniture 

Protect your furniture from sun-induced fading and damage with a retractable screen! Save money while keeping chairs, upholstery, or wicker safe from the damaging rays of sunlight. Rest assured that you can enjoy beautiful furniture for years when safely shielded by your trusty retractable screens.


Offer Mosquito Protection 

Keep your outdoor area safe and serene with a retractable screen! Florida is infamous for mosquitoes, so ensure the peace of mind of you and your family with this innovative technology that keeps pests at bay. You can enjoy quality outdoor time without these pests with a retractable screen. 


They Offer Privacy 

Elevate your exterior space by adding a retractable screen to ensure you are always shielded from the sun and have complete privacy.


Don’t worry about prying eyes; these screens will provide the fortification needed against nosy neighbors so you can relax in peace.

Expert Window Treatments Just For You

Our experienced professionals will help ensure that outdoor entertaining can remain an enjoyable experience with added protection from pests and UV rays. Let us show you how retractable screens give you the freedom to keep enjoying life outside!

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