The perfect accent for stand-out windows.

There is just something alluring about window shutters. Timeless yet unique, they perfectly accent your windows while also helping keep out the sun and heat. More than just window treatments, they are like furniture for your windows. 

Sapphire Shades and Shutters offers St. Petersburg custom-designed shutters, making it easy to get the perfect look for your home. Choose from a variety of colors, materials, and designs to get the look you want.


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Why Shutters Improve Your Home

On an abstract level, it is easy to understand why shutters are such an improvement to your home. They are attractive, frame your windows in a way other treatments cannot, and are unique enough to make a real statement. But there are also essential, concrete benefits to consider.

Light Control

Even when your shutters are closed, they allow you to control the light entering your home. Operable louvers control that slates in your shutters, letting you decide how much light you want to allow in.


With many other window treatments, your view is always partially obscured. However, when shutters are fully open, your view is essentially unobstructed.

Energy Efficiency

While how energy efficient shutters are will vary based on material and design, they are known for their ability to lower heating and cooling costs by reducing window temperature transfer.


Compared to most other types of window treatments, shutters are incredibly durable. Once you invest in them, there is no reason to anticipate a need for replacement.

Customized Shapes

There are many window styles that just aren’t suited to other types of window treatments. If you have arched, rounded, or diamond-shaped windows, shutters are likely the only solution.


When closed, your shutters can help increase the soundproofing for your home by adding another, thicker layer between your interior and the outside.

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Custom Shutter Options

During your in-home consultation, we explain all the variables and options available to bring the ideal beauty and convenience to your Saint Petersburg home. Initially we review all styles and options available to make your Saint Petersburg home both beautiful and efficient. There are three primary steps:

Window Treatments in Bradenton

Choose your style: single, double hung, café, bifold and/or sliders

Window Treatments in St. Petersburg

Select your shutter materials from high quality composites to rich woods* with custom color and stain options

sapphire shades and shutters

Add options including motorization, custom shapes, hidden hinges, and more

Wood shutters in Florida? Won’t they warp from the humidity? Great question and the answer is no; when you use the right shutter. We offer wood shutters made of eco-friendly, renewable materials suited for Florida’s humid climates and come with a limited lifetime warranty. There is nothing like the beauty of natural wood shutters.

Custom Shutters

For custom shutters in St. Petersburg, turn to Sapphire Shades and Shutters. We offer boutique service and in-home consultations. To get started on your interior design project, contact us at 727-289-1629.